Brain Boost Summer Program


Starting on June 13th, relax a bit and challenge your mind with the Brain Boost summer program!

Students enrolled in Indiana Gateway Digital Academy for the 2022–2023 school year have access to an engaging online summer program called Brain Boost. This complimentary program is full of educational content for rising K–12th graders. Age-appropriate challenges and more keep students entertained and learning. With Brain Boost, students can:

  • Access a virtual reading library with Stride K12 Digital Literacy Solutions—Big Universe™ (rising K–12th graders)
  • Earn coins playing fun math and language arts games with Stride Academy, Space Coaster, and Koofu's Quest (rising K–8th graders, those who earn at least 100 coins will be entered to win a $50 e-gift card)
  • Develop independent thinking, build healthy habits, and spark creativity with daily challenges (rising 6–12th graders)
  • Build connections with their online learning community through discussion boards (rising 6–12th graders)
  • Become inspired by videos of people sharing stories about how they achieved success (rising 6–12th graders)

Starting on June 13th, students can log in to their Online School account to access Brain Boost!

Note: If your student participates in Brain Boost activities and has an IEP, participation is not necessarily considered Extended School Year Services (ESY). Please talk to your IEP team regarding this decision.